Activity Bus Info.


The activity buses will leave Caroline Middle School at 5:30 p.m. and Caroline High School at 5:45 p.m. Starting October 1: CMS at 5:15 p.m. and
CHS 5:30 p.m.

The Activity Buses run four (4) days Monday – Thursday. On half days, or Early
Dismissal days there will be NO Activity Runs from either school.

Bus #50 – Kenzie Decatur

Golansville Rd. 2. #1 Highway 3. Lake Caroline (Clubhouse and Little Beach Pavilion) 4. Pendleton
Leave CMS proceed to CHS, leave CHS to Rt. #207-left on #207 to #601 (Golansville Rd) right on Golansville Rd making stops
along the road to #1 Highway, right on #1 HWY to Lake Caroline, left in Lake Caroline, proceed to Lake Caroline dr. to clubhouse,
turn around back to Caroline dr., make a right-follow across spillway –putting off on Caroline dr. to Little Beach-turn around back to
Lake Caroline dr. crossing spillway to Gate. Then to Pendleton subdivision. End of run.

Bus #68 – Karen Mundie

Ladysmith Village 2. Campbell’s Creek 3. Glen Meadows 4. Cedon Area 5. Woodford Estates Trailer Park.
Ladysmith Village-to Campbell Creek-left in Campbell’s Creek to Quail Oak dr. right to follow to #1 Hwy-make a left to Old
Brown’s Store-putting off to Hilltop on #1 Hwy- left on #1 putting off at Cedon Market to Gatewood Rd.-making a right on Gatewood
Garage-Maggie’s Rd. to end. End of run.

Bus #93 – Francine Beverly

Stops on #639 (if needed) 2. MES 3. Lake Land Or’ (Heritage Side) 4. Countryside Apartments
Leave CMS proceed to CHS, leave CHS to Rt. #207-right on #207 to #639-left on #639 –making stop on #639 to #1 Hwy.-cross #1 to
Old CDLC School (C.T. Smith) back to #639 West to Lake land O’ Club Houses (Heritage Side) back to #639 .Stop at Countryside
Apartments. End of run.

Bus #45 – Patricia Lindsey

Moncure Dr 2.Belmont Subdivision 3. Caroline Pines
Leave CMS proceed to CHS, leave CHS to Rt. #207-right on #207- left on #639 to #1 Hwy.-1 st stop at CCC road-2 nd stop Acorn Dr on 1 Hwy. 3 rd stop Belmont Sub Division. 5 th stop- Caroline Pines Front Gate. End of run.

Bus #47 – Chris Martin

Bowling Green Square 2. A.P. Hill 3. Old Vaughan’s Store 4. Port Royal 5. Rt. 610 6. Pepmeier Hill Rd. 7. Cedar Ridge
Trailer Park 8. Hayden’s Garage 9. Rt. 626 Villeboro Rd.
Leave CMS proceed to CHS, leave CHS to Rt. #207-left on #207 to Bowling Green Square Parking Lot) continue East on #301 to
A.P. Hill-back to #301 to Old Vaughan’s Store in Port Royal-left on #17 to #610 (Pepmeier Rd.)-left on #610 (Cedar Ridge Trailer
Park)—Rt. 610 to Corbin Store on #2 Hwy – Fredericksburg Tpke.-left on #2 to Hayden’s Garage –South on #2 to #626 (Villeboro
Rd.) End of run.

Bus #11 – Elsie JohnsonRt. 656 (Coleman’s Mill Rd.) 2. Dry Bridge Rd. 3. Frog Level Market 4. Dawn-Gloria’s Café 5. Old Dawn School
Leave CMS proceed to CHS, leave CHS to Rt. #207-left on #207 to #656 (Coleman’s Mill Rd.) to Dry Bridge RD.- stay on Dry
Bridge Rd. to stop sign-make right on to #301 Richmond Tpke. (proceed to Town & Country Store on #301-left on #651-Old Dawn
Rd.-Right on #30 (Dawn Blvd.) – left at Dawn Progressive Center. End of run.

Bus #07 – Corliss Coleman

Nelson Hill Rd. 2. Antioch Rd. 3. Rt. 301 4. Sparta Market 5. Byrd’s Store
Leave CMS proceed to CHS, leave CHS to Rt. #207-right on #207 to Nelson Hill Rd.-right on Nelson Hill Rd.(#722) to Antioch Rd.
(#628)-Right on #628 to #301-left on #721 to Sparta Store to #630-to Byrd’s Store (Central Point). End of run.

Bus #80 – Cheff Jazz Morton

Countryside Daycare 2. Lake Land Or’ (Land Or’ Side) 3. Caroline Market 4. Carmel Church (Park & Ride)
Leave CMS proceed to CHS, leave CHS to Rt. # 207 to Left on #639 stopping at daycare (if needed) proceed to lake Land Or’
Clubhouse. Back out to Rt. #639 and proceed to Moore’s Market to Parking Ride in Carmel Church. End of run.